Petualangan 100 Jam

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Budiman, a 10-year-old boy, lives in the village and dreams of going to Jakarta. This obsession grows when his uncle sends him the map of Jakarta plus his self-portrait, standing in front of a luxurious car and house. His father, Darsono, works as a village official, but the village head, Lurah Sarkawi, uses Darsono as a scapegoat to cover up his corruption. So Budiman wants to free his father from prison. So he leaves his village in Muntilan, Central Java for Jakarta. Initially, he is accompanied by Rini but they separate later. Then Budiman meets Marsya, a singer, who is also the daughter of her uncle’s boss. On the journey, Budiman is chased by Sarkawi’s goons, Diran and Dirun. The film resembles the Hollywood film, “Home Alone”.