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TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – A trip to Banyuwangi is not complete without a serving of sego cawuk, a traditional dish from Banyuwangi. This dish will be a perfect breakfast for those who willing some heavy meals in the morning. 
Sego means rice and cawuk means eating with hands. Thus, this dish is a traditional breakfast menu that must be enjoyed by hand if you are looking for an authentic way of eating it. 
One of the most favorite places for a serving of this dish in Banyuwangi is the Warung Sego Cawuk Bu Sri. It is located on Jalan Kyai Saleh 14, Kepatihan District, Banyuwangi, East Java. 
This restaurant was established in 1993 and it got its name from its original owner, Sri Lati. However, the place is now run by her daughter-in-law called Yuni after she passed away in 2020.
Although no longer managed by the original owner, it successfully maintained its quality according to the original recipe. Thus, it is still a place to go if you are looking for a serving of this dish. 
The place opens from 5.30 until 10.00 in the morning. However, because of its popularity, more people usually come to this place and take the last serving available even before closing time.
A portion of this dish at Bu Sri restaurant is served with terancam (coconut milk soup filled with cucumber slices, grilled corn, and coconut shavings), vegetables, tofu, tuna pepes, pindang egg, pindang soup, gecok teri (coconut shavings mixed with salted dried anchovies) and white crackers.
Sego-Cawuk-b.jpg  The Unique Taste of Sego Cawuk from Osing Tribe in Banyuwangi – TIMES Indonesia Sego Cawuk bThe cook of Sego Cawuk Bu Sri, Yuni is making chili sauce combined with lemongrass and bilimbi fruit. (Photo: Fazar Dimas/TIMES Indonesia)
What makes this particular dish in Bu Sri restaurant unique is the addition of chili sauce mixed with bilimbi fruit, clovers, and lemongrass. It may be weird after the first bite, but you will get accustomed to it the more you eat. 
The combination of sweet taste from pindang  (steamed fish) soup, salty taste from the dried anchovies makes the dish rich within taste. Not to mention the savory taste of terancam with coconut shavings, and especially the sour and spicy taste from the combination of chili sauce and bilimbi fruit. 
This complex combination of tastes will stimulate your tongue and make you ask for another serving. This what makes the local come back to this place. Yuni (35), the cook of the restaurant said that the combination of lemongrass, bilimbi fruit, and clovers is a unique combination of ingredients that cannot be found anywhere else. 
Sego-Cawuk-c.jpg  The Unique Taste of Sego Cawuk from Osing Tribe in Banyuwangi – TIMES Indonesia Sego Cawuk cOne of the customers of Warung Sego Cawuk Bu Sri. (Photo: Fazar Dimas/TIMES Indonesia)
There was a customer of this restaurant Prami (59) from Taman Baru, Banyuwangi. Prami said that he comes almost every single day to get a complete serving of this unique dish. “It is available at a relatively low price with delicious taste, it got me addicted to it after the first try,” Prami said.
Another customer, a man from Tukangkayu District, Banyuwangi, Rendy (35) said that he already became a regular of this restaurant since he was in the junior high. Sego cawuk is a perfect meal for breakfast, thanks to its combination of unique ingredients that give this menu a fresh taste, perfect to start a day with.
“I was already a regular here since I was a junior high student. Now, although it is no longer managed by the original owner, it maintains the original recipe and taste. Sometimes I must be ready to stand in a long queue to get a portion of sego cawuk,” he said. 
Are you interested in the combination of sour, sweet, and spicy tastes of this original dish of Banyuwangi? Come immediately and get to the queue early in the morning to ensure you get a serving of the delicious sego cawuk. You can also contact the place with WhatsApp number 081234622270. 
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