2023 Yamaha Y15ZR in four new colours for Malaysia market, price … – Paul Tan's Automotive News

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2023 Yamaha Y15ZR in four new colours for Malaysia market, price … – Paul Tan's Automotive News 2023 Yamaha Y15ZR Silver Malaysia 4 e1670410200996 630x482
Getting colour updates for the Malaysian market is the 2023 Yamaha Y15ZR, with the recommended retail price now set at RM8,998, an increase of RM500 over the 2022 Y15ZR price of RM8,498. The new colour choices are Yellow, Silver, Matte Green and Orange while pricing does not include road tax, insurance or registration.
No other changes for the Y15ZR for next year, with power still coming from liquid-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder, 149.7 cc mill putting out a claimed 15.4 PS at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. A a five-speed gear box with multi-plate wet clutch and chain final drive gets power to the ground.
Suspension is done with conventional telescopic forks on the front wheel while the rear end is held up by a preload-adjustable monoshock. Braking is done with a single hydraulic disc front and rear and the Y15ZR rolls on 17-inch wheels shod in 90/80 rubber in front and 120/70 on the rear wheel.
Seat height for the Y15ZR is set at 780 mm while weight is 117 kg, with fuel carried in a 4.2-litre tank. The 2023 Yamaha Y15ZR comes with a two-year or 20,000 km warranty, whichever comes first, and every purchase gets a gift of a Yamaha brake disc lock worth RM100.
dapat KERAjaan baru pun naik juga ke????
ini perniagaan mcm jual baju, rumah, tanah dll kcuali barang asasi… berapa harga jualan ikut suka penjual la…. naik atau tak naik bkn urusan kjaan.. klu tak mampu jgn beli.
Dulu bawah BN, motor mampu milik RM 4000 saje.
Skarang bawah KERAjaan, motor mahal giler RM 9000 siot!
Memang KERAjaan giler!
Masih ada.. capzai 110cc….
Sapa suruh miskin
apabila yg brckp xada tauhd, dh tahap pemikiran org kafir. ingat kamu kaya atas usaha kamu? dasar tauhd xada
Ckp mcm org yahudi. Dasar perangi mcm Israel. Org bertnya jer. Islam x da membeza beza org [email protected] miskin.
Baru hisap gam ke saudara.
Nahh.. this price not included tax.. After tax &interest should be around 15k.. So bullshit
Bapak kau jual motor Y15 RM4000 ker. NK kenal gak bapak kau YB mana yg jual Y15 RM4K. Lepastu kau panggilah media. Baru org tahu..
Kau ni baru keluar dari gua
Bingai tak habis
Skrg ap masalah hg, tk puas hati dkt mana, kalau qasa nk tgk muka mak hg kena pijak, cuba hg rply, bukan aq tk tahu umh hg dekat mana
Kapchai prices keep going up. Top up 600 can get the NS200 already.
Top-up 600?
No need, just tolak y-suku tax, and can save a lot
kapchais used to be so affordable… those daze are gone!
Modenas Kriss is still rm3600
Terbaik Yamaha
ada no ws ke
Colour change only already up the price. The 2022 model doesn’t come with paint is it?
BS that price below 9k..
cam hanat harge makin naik naik ntah ape naik membabi bute coeverset je pon
Might as well top up and get pulsar or gsx s/r 150……
Love the smell of comments
The Ysuku is emblematic of bike enthusiasts who are rich in ringgit but poor in mindset. Just watch as fans of this model still buy this overspecced moped in droves (via loans, even), while for a couple of hundred ringgit more they could buy low-end nakeds/sports which are more suitably built for speed.
Yaa… That’s the real issue. Actual harga di kedai entah berapa pulak. Btw, u meant to say under-specced, right bro? Hahaha..
Kenapa saya Beli Baru 2019 lebih mahal, OTR over10k.
tempat aku 10.988k..legenda mase covid beli 5.1k skrg 6.8k gile
memang kena la naik harga sebab nak buat kaler tu susah. susah nk kena spray nak kena sticker. susahhhh.
kalau setiap tahun naik RM500, maknanye pada tahun 2030 harga nya akan menjadi 9k campur 3500 jadi RM12500. wow, Hj Hong Leong Abdullah boleh pergi umrah setiap hari.
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